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Quality Eggplant type of fruit Producers

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Eggplant type of fruit Features High Quality Eggplant Producers

quality eggplant type of fruit producers can be largely purchased from reputable dealers of these producers. These products have many fans because of their many properties. Below is more about this product.

Quality Eggplant type of fruit Producers

Eggplant type of fruit Features

Eggplant type of fruit Features	eggplant is the fruit of the Solanun melongena plant, an annual herbaceous of the Solanaceae family, with little caloric intake, rich in minerals and vitamins.

It is a fruit that must be consumed as soon as possible from the moment of its harvest and must be kept in a refrigerated place, so that it does not form stains and does not start to take on a bitter taste. Today it is cultivated in all the hot areas of the planet, but it is native to India. 

It was introduced to Europe by the Arabs and since the 13th century, it has been cultivated in all Mediterranean countries. There are innumerable varieties of aubergines, either due to their shape, color and size, but all of them have a whitish meat and seeds with a spongy texture. 

eggplant health benefits: Its energy and nutritional value, compared to other vegetables, is lower, it contains few calories, a certain amount of carbohydrates, few proteins and no fat. Its water content is high (92%), the amount of fiber is moderate, and it is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, and iron, as well as vitamins B and C.

It is important to note that for some people Sensitive, eggplant is not highly recommended, since it contains amines (serotonin and tyramine), which can cause allergic reactions or headaches.

High Quality Eggplant Producers

High Quality Eggplant ProducersThe world’s largest eggplant producers (such as black or white eggplants) China produces 58.75 percent of the world total with 29.490 million kilos, followed by India with 13.557 and Egypt with 1.257 million kilos.

Turkey occupies the fourth place with 827 million kilos, Spain the eleventh with 215, Morocco the twenty-sixth with 70 and the Netherlands occupies the thirtieth position with a production of 51 million kilos. are China and India.

It is also produced in Japan and in various Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece. According to the latest updated data from the FAO, 50.193 million kilos of eggplant have been produced worldwide, over an area of ​​1.887 million hectares. 

Of the 50,193’12 million kilos of eggplant that have been produced in the world, more than half corresponds to China, the world’s leading producer, with 29,490’09 million kilos, 802,306 hectares and a yield of 3.68 kg./ m2.

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