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Graffiti eggplant Production Line

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What is the Graffiti eggplant? Manufacturing Process of Graffiti eggplant

This eggplant has attractive subtle lines and is available in various sizes. Graffiti eggplant has small grains and thin,  peel so you don’t have to peel it. This type of eggplant can be cooked or grilled. It is cooked quickly and is very tasty when mixed with grilled meats and cheeses such as mozzarella and feta and make Italian eggplant dish.

Graffiti eggplant Production Line

What is the Graffiti eggplant?

What is the Graffiti eggplant?	Undoubtedly graffiti eggplant is one of the most beautiful types of eggplant in the world. This is a very high-quality, large-bodied eggplant. Certainly if the market for it is available because of its good features it has a good market.

When it comes to graffiti eggplant, it reminds you of lots of features like:

  • Reduce heart disease
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of eggplant has made it an anti-cancer food;
  • Eggplant prevents cell proliferation in the body because it contains a lot of polyphenols.
  • The fiber contained in the eggplant causes the gourashi system to detoxify and prevent colon cancer.
  • Losing weight with eggplant because of low calories and high fiber makes you feel full and not having much appetite for food.
  • Vitamin K found in eggplant strengthens bones;
  • Eggplant also contains magnesium and copper, which is very useful for bone
  • Copper produces collagen in the body and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Eggplant diabetes treatment is possible because it has high fiber and somehow controls blood sugar and causes less sugar to be absorbed in the body.
  • Eggplant is also a useful food for diabetics.
  • Treating gastrointestinal disorders with eggplants people with constipation can use eggplants
  • Because the eggplant acts as a strong laxative in the intestines, and if the digestive system becomes inflammatory, it quickly improves digestive tract inflammation.


Manufacturing Process of Graffiti eggplant

Manufacturing Process of Graffiti eggplantTo plant graffiti eggplant, first immerse the graffiti eggplant seeds in water, and after preparing the soil in each pot or transplanting tray cavity, plant up to two seeds at a depth of 0/5 to 1 cm and cover with a small amount of soil.

In the early stage of organic graffiti eggplant seed germination and plant growth in place with plenty of light out of direct sunlight

or lower percentage of sunlight and always keep the soil moist. Graffiti eggplant needs rich soil.

Before planting in the main soil, add some rotten manure or compost and soil to the top of the main soil and mix with the top 20 cm of soil. When moving the plant to the pot or the main ground, cut the lower leaves and also part of the stem under the soil.

Depending on the climate of the area, water the plant 1-3 times a week. At maturity and fruiting of the plant, use a support such as hitting the plant next to the plant and tying the plant to the plant with a yarn.

It is recommended to use a natural pesticide toxin that you prefer and other organic methods for a healthy product and preferably pesticides.

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