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eggplant purple colors and prices

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eggplant purple colors and prices

Purple eggplant is one of the most popular types of eggplant.This type of eggplant has a beautiful appearance and stripes.eggplant purple usually gives fruit after 90 days and you can use it.It has a sweet and crisp taste.Eggplant peel  is purple and its peel is not often taken for granted due to its delicacy and delicacy.They use this type of eggplant because of its thin peel in the canning industry.Below we will talk about price and its types.

eggplant purple colors and prices

eggplant purple colors and prices

eggplant purple colors and prices

In this section we want to get acquainted with different types of purple eggplant color and its characteristics:

Small to medium size, this eggplant is light purple in color and has thin purple lines all over its body. And when it grows to the size of a tennis ball, it is ready to eat because the peel is so soft, you don’t usually need to peel it. Foods of this type of eggplant are very diverse and can be used in dozens of recipes that you can easily find with a quick search on the Internet.

Graffiti eggplant

Eggplant has attractive lines and is available in various sizes. Graffiti has small grains and , thin peel so you don’t have to peel it.This type of eggplant can be cooked or grilled. It is cooked quickly and is very tasty when mixed with grilled meats and cheeses such as mozzarella and feta.

Indian eggplant

This eggplant is small and has a reddish purple color. eggplant color chart is cooked or roasted, and is also called eggplant, and is often used in Indian dishes, often with spices.

 Italian eggplant

Italian eggplant looks like a regular eggplant but has distinctive properties. They are small but fat. Italian Eggplant is great for any Italian food recipe that requires eggplant.

These eggplants are great for frying and the plant is resistant to disease and pests and is very productive.

Its beautiful purple color has given the attraction to this type of eggplant and has gained a lot of fans.

• Excellent flavors and sweet and crisp violet flavors have drawn the attention of chefs.

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• Eggplants are cold-sensitive, so you should plant them in tropical areas for maximum harvest.

• But by planting eggplant seeds in temperate cold areas can also be cultivated.

• Eggplants should be planted on the main ground after the winter cold has been removed, or transplanted in March and transferred to the main ground or pot in the spring.

• The eggplant cultivation method is similar to tomato, but unlike tomatoes, the seed needs a long rest for germination.

• Sometimes the percentage of germinated seed and the growth of young transplants are still very slow, even when the seed is rested and planted in good conditions.

Eggplant plant is slightly larger than tomato, so planting distance is considered a bit longer.

• Increase eggplant by planting seeds in the nursery.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular eggplant varieties is the Kaliop aubergine color and taste. Kaliop eggplant usually begins to germinate 3 days after planting and reaches about 5 cm in length.

Its attractive color (white with purple stripes) has given this type of eggplant a special appeal and has gained a lot of fans.Its excellent aroma and sweet and crisp flesh have made it a favorite for chefs.

Eggplant prices have been on the rise, but shoppers say the shelf life of the fruit has declined due to the warm weather.

Fruit sellers who come to the fruit and vegetable markets to believe that fruit life has been reduced due to the heat of the fruit, along with fruit breakdowns, shop side costs and undercooked fruit sales profits for the shopkeeper Brandon.

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