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Cheapest eggplants Varieties Eggplant Producing Countries

light purple eggplant is one of the safflowers that is present all year round and is rich in vitamins and nutrients, contrary to popular beliefs that it is trivial. There are different types of eggplants in different colors and sizes, and while those with dark purple skin are the most common, they are also available in green, black or red colors.   it contains vitamins like C, A and  also calcium and potassium.

buy light purple eggplant cheap

Cheapest eggplants Varieties

Cheapest eggplants Varieties	Eggplant is a one-year-old black or purple vegetable that has been widely used in Iran for many different foods.

Orchards and farmers selling the graffiti eggplant market cheaply.

Eggplant has many properties despite being cheap.

Eggplant is one of the high fiber foods rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. ۸۲ grams of eggplant (equivalent to one cup) contains the following ingredients:

Calories: 0%

Carbohydrates: 1 g

Fiber: 1 g

Protein: 1g

Manganese: 2% of daily requirement;

Vitamin B9 or folate: 5% of your daily intake;

Potassium: 5% of the daily requirement;

Vitamin K: four percent of your daily intake;

Vitamin C: 3% daily.

Eggplant also contains small amounts of niacin or vitamin b3, magnesium and copper.

Eggplants can be of different shapes and colors.

little green eggplant, White, Red, Black, and Purple Eggplants are among the most commonly grown eggplants in the world.

Eggplant Producing Countries

Eggplant Producing CountriesIran ranks fifth among the largest egg producers in the world. Our country produces about 6,000 tons of greenhouse and field eggplant annually. China, meanwhile, is producing about 2.5% of its total crop production, with 4.8 million tonnes of eggplant a year.

Around the world, 4.3.1 hectares are under eggplant cultivation. An area about the size of our beloved Iran. According to statistics released in year 2, total eggplant production in the world is reported to be 2.8 million tons, followed by China, with India producing 1.2 million tons, ranking second with 5% of total world production. Itself.

After the two countries China and India, Egypt, Turkey and Iran are ranked 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the world. Egypt produced about 2.5 million tonnes a year, Turkey about 6,000 tonnes and Iran produced about 6,000 tonnes of eggplant at year-end.

Given the statistics we have mentioned, and given that Iran is the fifth largest egg producer in the world, this opportunity can be used to export this product to countries such as Russia and the UAE.

But it should be noted that countries such as Spain and the Netherlands are tough competitors that, in addition to exporting quality products, the best packaging, both in terms of carton and box design and in the quality of their manufacture, has been a good place to start. Find their products in countries such as Russia, where Iran also exports agricultural and eggplant products, and gain market share.

In Iran, both eggplant and greenhouse produce are produced in the same open field, both of which have export standards to Russia and countries such as Oman, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, if they meet the required standards.

An important factor in the price can be the volume of demand for exported eggplant.

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