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brinjal eggplant Suppliers and Manufacturers

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brinjal eggplant Propertiesbrinjal eggplant Producers in the world

Brinjal eggplant or aubergine is a kind of plant which is cultivated in tropical areas. For the same reason, the brinjial eggplant suppliers and manufacturers are those who work in tropical areas. In this section, we will discuss brinjal eggplant properties, brinjal benefits as well as white eggplant. brinjal eggplant Suppliers and Manufacturers

brinjal eggplant Properties

brinjal eggplant PropertiesEggplant is well adapted to Iran’s climate due to the need for plenty of light and long heat period. Moreover, eggplant can perform better and at a lower cost than many other countries in the world. Therefore, Iran is always considered as one of the main producers and suppliers of brinjal eggplant. 

As for the most prominent properties of the brinjal eggplant, we can refer to the fact that eggplant, namely Solanum melongena which is a broad-leafed plant from the family potato, that is Solanaceae with a one-year growth period. It dates back to the 5th century AD and is called India, taken to Europe by the Arabs in the Middle Ages and from there to America.

Due to the sensitivity of the eggplant to the cold, it should be said that it is typically cultivated in tropical areas, although in temperate areas it can also be cultivated, but it should be noted that temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius damage the plant. Eggplant height varies from 0.5 to 1.5 meters.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that as there are several types of brinjal eggplant or aubergine, the properties may also vary. For example, Thai Aubergine is a great Thai eggplant the meat of which is white and has a pleasant and mild flavor. It is regarded as one of the most popular varieties in Thailand is among the chefs.

brinjal eggplant Producers in the world

brinjal eggplant Producers in the worldAs the brinjal eggplant is cultivated and grows well in tropical areas, countries with tropical climates are considered as the best producers of this plant. Among the countries producing brinjal eggplant,  India, Iran, Thailand and Southeast Asia countries can be pointed out which not only cultivate it but they also produce and export it to other countries. 

As for other tropical areas, Malasia and the Phillipines can be referred to which are also regarded as the major cultivar as well as the producer of brinjal eggplant in the world. 

All in all, from among the most outstanding producers of eggplant in the world, Iran, India, Thai, Malasia, and the Phillipines are observed, all of which have hot weather due to being located in tropical zones. 

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