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big purple eggplant suppliers

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Where big purple eggplant grows?big purple eggplant growers and suppliers

big purple eggplant  is one year old with strong, rough stems and branches branches. The plant has wide and stretched leaves and the color is biased to gray and the leaves are sometimes brushed. purple eggplant, similar to potatoes, but bigger and color are pale violet. purple eggplant like other plants are growing in certain conditions that we are talking about in the following passage.big purple eggplant suppliers

Where big purple eggplant grows?

Where big purple eggplant grows?The plant eggplant is one of the Sulanase family, which is a broad leaf plant with the duration of the annual growth period. China, India, Iran and Egypt possess the highest production and cultivation of eggplant worldwide. The cultivation of eggplant is mostly done in tropical areas because this plant is sensitive to cold. Therefore, for maximum withdrawal, it is possible to plant it in tropical areas or areas with a long summer planting.

In selecting soils for the cultivation of eggplant, only two factors are important:

1. Moisture retention Ability
2. High fertility of the soil

Eggplant is a vegetable that absorbs a lot of food from the ground, which is why the use of cattle fertilizers is recommended in the amount of 30 to 40 tons per hectare if the ground is sandy or weak should be 40 to 50 tons and even 70 tons in hectares of manure to land if manure is not available, it can be used to strengthen the soil to crop plants of legume family as green fertilizer in the year before sowing of the use of nitrogen fertilizers and potassium should be placed in the fertilizer program and preparing the ground.

In the United States, we distribute complete chemical fertilizers up to 1100 800 kg/ha before soil preparation on the ground on the other hand because this plant occupies the earth for a long time, and the product, therefore, the use of nitrogen fertilizers in the form of road 2 to 3, is recommended for the use of N-road fertilizer at each turn of about 30 to 40 kg/ha. The first is the nitrogen-road for 3 to 4 weeks after sowing. The proper pH of the soil is between 5.5 and 8.6.

Cultivate all types of eggplant for ornamentation in pots such as: egg white eggplant, red carob, etc.

  • eggplant varieties list used in food
  • 2) Black Aubergine Eggplant
  • .2) American Eggplant (Baghdadi)
  • .2) White and tall basil eggplant.
  • 3) Barnptal Eggplant.
  • 2) Japanese purple eggplant

big purple eggplant growers and suppliers

big purple eggplant growers and suppliersIran has the fifth grade of eggplant production among the world’s largest eggplant producers. The country produces approximately 735 thousand tons of greenhouse eggplant while China, with the production of about 0.8 million tons of eggplant per year alone 57% of the production volume of this product in the whole planet.

 China, India, Egypt, Turkey and Iran are the leading suppliers  of eggplant in the world respectively. The country of Egypt produced approximately 1.5 million tons , Turkey, about 820 thousand tons and Iran, about 734 thousand tons of eggplant at the end of 2013.

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