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Best Selling Aubergine eggplants Types

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Which Aubergine eggplant Types are Popular?Cheapest Prices of Aubergine eggplant

Regarding the purchase of organic and inorganic aubergine eggplants it can be said that the plant is in the group of 15 pure herbs, which means that it is less likely to use pesticides in its cultivation.As a result, buying non-organic eggplant also seems harmless and has all the benefits of organic eggplant.  Different types of eggplant have the same nutritional benefits.  With the exception of a species known as Black Magic and sold more commercially in the United States.  These herbs are available in specialty stores and have more antioxidant properties than other varieties

Best Selling Aubergine eggplants Types

Which Aubergine eggplant Types are Popular?

Which Aubergine eggplant Types are Popular?Eggplants are usually available all year round. But the best and freshest ones are found in late summer.  There are about 7 types of eggplant in the world today, the most popular being the large, oval and Japanese eggplant.  Eggplant belongs to the family of tradespeople.  Due to some chemicals of eggplant it is similar to other commercially available vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet red peppers and potatoes.  Eggplants like tomatoes and grapes are short-lived plants.

Cheapest Prices of Aubergine eggplant

Cheapest Prices of Aubergine eggplantOrganic eggplant is not cheap, but some sellers sell a higher price for eggplant because the intermediates available to reach this product are high, and it is recommended to buy cheap organic eggplant from wholesalers or  even buy directly from manufacturers.

 Eggplant is a year-old plant of the Solanaceae family, a broad leafy plant with a one-year growth period.  China, India, Iran and Egypt have the highest production of eggplant worldwide.  Eggplant cultivation is more common in tropical areas because it is sensitive to cold.  Therefore, for maximum harvest, this plant should be planted in tropical regions or regions with long summer, but can also be cultivated by planting eggplant seeds in cold temperate regions.

eggplant health benefits:

 Traditionally, eggplant is warm and very dry.  Eggplants have many properties, contrary to what people believe to be odorless.  The most important feature is its low calorie content, which is a great food for those who want to lose weight because it also contains vitamins and minerals.

 1) Eggplant must be consumed completely because its raw taste bitter pain and in those who have asthma and bronchitis stimulate these diseases.

 2) Eggplant softening effect and diuretic.

 3) Eggplant is an effective medication to relieve anemia due to its iron content.

 4) Eggplant can be applied to inflamed organs to relieve swelling and inflammation.

 5) Eggplant seed causes constipation.

 6) Eggplant root and dried shoots and leaves have a blood-thinning effect and can be used to treat bananas and all kinds of bleeding.

 7) Eggplant is a good antidote for toxic fungi poisoning.

 Eating Eggplant opens the veins and protects the heart from a heart attack.

 9) Eggplant removes constipation.

 10) Eggplant Leaves and Black Peel if Boiled This is a cure for bloody diarrhea.

 11) Eggplant root decoction is the treatment of asthma.

 12) Eggplant is a good stomach.

 13) Yellow water that comes out when salting and putting eggplant is the best medicine for dry sweat and feet, and people with persistent sweating should wash their hands and feet several times a day.  To get rid of this disease.

 14) If the eggplant is burned and the ashes are pasted with vinegar and applied to the wart, the wart will die.

 15) Eggplant can be used as a painkiller to soothe broken bones so that you have to put the eggplant in the oven to boil it and then squeeze it in half and then half the amount of water to the brown sugar.  Add and stir and drink.


 The best way to cook eggplant is to boil or cook in the oven because it is heavily fried and is not suitable for weak stomachs.And that’s the answer to why is aubergine called eggplant

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