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Aubergine eggplant Quality Identification Aubergine eggplant for Sale

why is aubergine called eggplant? Eggplant, in Arabic called aubergine, is a one-year-old plant with a relatively thick, fluffy stem. aubergine eggplant prices are cheap, but this product is sold in some stores at a higher price because there are many intermediaries on the market for this product. Sellers sell higher prices for eggplant. We recommend buying cheap and quality eggplant wholesalers.Aubergine eggplant Affordable Sales

Aubergine eggplant Quality Identification

Aubergine eggplant Quality Identification	Eggplant is a plant of the family Solanaceae, which is broad leafy with a one-year growth period. China, India, Iran and Egypt have the highest egg production worldwide.

Eggplants are commonly grown in tropical regions because the plant is cold-sensitive. So for maximum harvest, this plant should be planted in areas that have a long summer.

Considering the eggplant health benefits in this section, here are some ways to identify the quality and sweetest eggplant to make the best choice.

  1. Eggplant should be heavy, given its size, which means freshness and good condition. Be sure to pick up a few eggplants and test their weight when buying.
  2. Eggplant peel should be light, soft and lustrous because opaque skin has poor maintenance and consequently poor eggplant quality. Wrinkled skin is also a sign that eggplant is a long time away. One of the ways to distinguish sweet eggplant is because the bitterness of eggplant increases over time and the older the eggplant the bitter it will be. So it is best to choose eggplant that is firm, well-colored and shiny, as it means freshly laid out.
  3. Eggplant stems should be green: You should also consider stalking eggplant while examining the skin. The eggplant stem must be green; it should not be brown or dry.
  4. Eggplant should be somewhat firm; that is, if you press your finger on the eggplant it should return to its original state shortly.
  5. Choose small to medium sized eggplants. One of the main ways to detect sweet eggplant is to select small and medium-sized eggplants.

Although eggplant cultivation are sweeter today due to improved planting and preservation methods, some eggplants are still bitter. This bitterness usually occurs in very large eggplants that have a very low core because the nuclei are the source of bitterness. So it is easy to distinguish sweet and high quality eggplant, since the overall condition of the eggplant is obvious.

Aubergine eggplant for Sale

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