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aubergine brinjal Exports in 2020

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Best aubergine brinjal Exporters aubergine brinjal Exports Statistics

Eggplant (USA, Australia, New Zealand, anglophone Canada), aubergine brinjal (UK, Ireland, France, Quebec) or brinjal (South Asia, South Africa) is a plant species in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Solanum melongena is grown worldwide for its edible fruit. Most commonly purple, the spongy, absorbent fruit is used in several cuisines. Although often considered a vegetable, it is a berry by botanical definition. As a member of the genus Solanum, it is related to tomato and potato. Like the tomato, its peel and seeds can be eaten, but, like the potato, it is usually eaten cooked. In this article we will mention the amount of aubergine brinjal exports in 2020.

aubergine brinjal Exports in 2020

Best aubergine brinjal Exporters

Best aubergine brinjal Exporters	Iranian aubergine and lamp export eggplants brinjal suitable for export to the fruit market of countries such as Russia, Qatar, UAE (Dubai), Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, etc. purchased by Greenzine Supply Team from greenhouses all over Iran for export. Iran agricultural products.

The exported aubergine brinjal price is updated daily at 11 am and will not be updated unless today’s price is the same as the day before. You can also request instant price by phone for more assurance.

To buy and sell greenhouse exported eggplant (lamp or cabbage) you can contact the sales department of the company every day during green hours and announce your purchase or sale order to this unit.

why brinjal is called eggplant:

Brinjal or eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is an important solanaceous crop of sub-tropics and tropics. The name brinjal is popular in Indian subcontinents and is derived from Arabic and Sanskrit whereas the name eggplant has been derived from the shape of the fruit of some varieties, which are white and resemble in shape to chicken eggs. It is also called aubergine (French word) in Europe. The brinjal is of much importance in the warm areas of Far East, being grown extensively in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and the Philippines. It is also popular in Egypt, France, Italy and United

States. In India, it is one of the most common, popular and principal vegetable crops grown throughout the country except higher altitudes. It is a versatile crop adapted to different agro-climatic regions and can be grown throughout the year. It is a perennial but grown commercially as an annual crop. A number of cultivars are grown in India, consumer preference being dependent upon fruit color, size and shape.

The varieties of Solanum melongena L. display a wide range of fruit shapes and colours, ranging from oval or egg-shaped to long club-shaped; and from white, yellow, green through degrees of purple pigmentation to almost black. Most of the commercially important varieties have been selected from the long established types of the tropical India and China. Brinjal fruit (unripe) is primarily consumed as cooked vegetable in various ways and dried shoots are used as fuel in rural areas. It is low in calories and fats, contains mostly water, some protein, fibre and carbohydrates. It is a good source of minerals and vitamins and is rich in total water soluble sugars, free reducing sugars, amide proteins among other nutrients.

aubergine brinjal Exports Statistics

aubergine brinjal Exports StatisticsAccording to statistics published by the Iranian Export and Import Organization in the first month of the year 98, approximately 18,165 tons of eggplant were exported from the country.

The dollar value of this export was 4,412,448 and its rial was 143,069,473,300.

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